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28 April 2007

u.p. college of arts and letters website

the university of the philippines college of arts and letters has a blog and website.

the sites will be updated regularly.

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the u.p. college of arts and letters

23 April 2007

the university of the philippines centennial gawad likhaan

1. The Contest is open from February 2007 to March 2008. It is open to all Filipino citizens of all ages (including Filipinos holding dual citizenship), except members of the U.P. Institute of Creative Writing (UP-ICW) and its staff.

2. There are six categories for the Awards:

(a) Novel or Short Story Collection in English
(b) Nobela o Koleksiyon ng mga Katha sa Filipino
(c) Poetry in English
(d) Tula sa Filipino
(e) Creative Nonfiction in English
(f) Malikhaing Sanaysay sa Filipino

3. Only original works, not published in whole or in part, in print or online, may be entered. Any translation or adaptation of another author’s work is not eligible.

4. Authors may submit only one (1) entry per category.

5. A translation of one’s own work submitted as an entry in one (1) category shall not be eligible in the corresponding linguistic category.

6. A work which has been awarded a prize in another contest is not eligible.

7. In submitting an entry, the author warrants that the work is his/her own and that he/she has absolute ownership of all intellectual property rights thereto. Together with the entry, the author should submit the Official Entry Form and the Authorization Form for the Contest.

8. All entries shall consist of a soft copy (CD in Word or Text Format) and three (3) hard copies.

(a) Each entry must be encoded, double space, on 8-1/2 by 11 bond paper, about one-inch margin on all sides of the page. Font should be Arial, Times New Roman, or Book Antiqua, and font size 12.

(b) Page number must be consecutive at the right-hand corner, bottom of the page.

(c) Author’s real name and address must not appear on any entry; rather, the author should seal in a letter envelope both the prescribed Official Entry Form and Authorization Form, together with the author’s bio-note or brief résumé; and this envelope should be submitted together with the entries. On this sealed envelope should be written or typed the title of the entry, its category, and the author’s pen name.

9. All entries should be legible and neat. They are all to be submitted to the Board of Judges, U.P. Institute of Creative Writing (UP-ICW), College of Arts and Letters, University of the Philippines , Diliman, Quezon City . The said Institute is on the second floor of the Faculty Center (FC), UP Diliman campus.

10. All entries must be accompanied by the author’s written consent to abide by the rules of the Contest, duly signed by the author.

11. The deadline for submission is March 31, 2008, Friday, 5 p.m. The office of the UP-ICW closes at 5 p.m. Entries sent by mail or courier should be postmarked no later than the same date of the deadline.

12. Winning entries shall remain with, and become the property of, the U.P. Institute of Creative Writing which shall have prior right to its publication. Copies of non-winning entries may be claimed by their authors at the same Institute no later than one (1) month from the date of the announcement of the winners.

13. In all categories for the Awards, the subject or theme is open and free. Neither is there any limit to the maximum number of pages of the entry.

(a) In the FICTION category (NOVEL or SHORT STORY COLLECTION) in English or Filipino, what is required is a book-length NOVEL or SHORT STORY COLLECTION; book-length, that is, about 200 pages or more when printed out, double space, on 8-1/2 by 11 bond paper, or as the Board of Judges for this category may determine.

(b) In POETRY in English or Filipino, what is required is also a book-length work or collection, that is, about 50 poems or more, or about 100 pages or more, or as the Board of Judges for this category may determine.

(c) As with FICTION, what is required for the category of CREATIVE NON-FICTION is a book-length work. By this category is meant biography, autobiography, or the personal essay (talambuhay o personal na sanaysay).

14. In order that the winning entries may be accessible to the reading public, the author grants, assigns and transfers to the U.P. Institute of Creative Writing the following rights without any necessity of any payment other than the prize already awarded: (a) to publish from time to time any winning entry or selection or portion thereof as it may at its discretion determine; (b) to designate or appoint editors to edit the work or any portion thereof to suit the demands of publication; (c) to furnish a reasonable number of copies of the work to the National Library or other libraries; (d) to make the work available for downloading on the Internet or other electronic medium; and/or (e) allow scholars and students to make copies for their research.

In making the works accessible to scholars, students, and lovers of literature, the Institute only intends to promote a wider literary appreciation of the works.

15. The exercise of the rights of the U.P. Institute of Creative Writing as regards the winning entries, such as the right to publish the work, shall not be deemed a waiver of any right of action which the Institute may take against an author should it be discovered later on that the author is not the creator or owner of the copyright to the award-winning work. Moreover, the said author likewise undertakes to indemnify the Institute for any and all damages, fees, costs and expenses that the Institute may incur on account of the said author’s violation of the intellectual property rights of another writer.

16. The prize for each contest category is P200,000.00 (roughly US$ 4,000.00)

17. The U.P. Institute of Creative Writing has the sole right to designate the persons who shall constitute the Board of Judges for each contest category.

18. The decision of the majority of the Board of Judges for each contest category is final. The same majority of the Board for each contest category may decide not to award any prize if, in its judgment, no entry deserves the prize.

19. There is only one grand prize for each category; no prize shall be divided or reduced.

20. The names of the winners and the members of the Board of Judges for each contest category shall be announced on June 1, 2008.

21. All parties submitting entries to the UP Centennial Gawad Likhaan literary contest are deemed to have accepted all the rules of the contest, and agree to abide by them.

For further details, visit prizewinning Filipino writer Jose Y. Dalisay jr.'s blog, or call the UP Institute of Creative Writing (UP ICW) at 9221830.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
UP ICW Kamustahan (UP National Writers' Workshop Alumni) Writers' Conference, Tagaytay City, October 2003, (L-R) Paolo Manalo, Marco Lopez, Allan Popa, Joey Baquiran, Sarj Lacuesta, Mike Coroza, Vince Groyon, Domingo Landicho, Cristina Pantoja Hidalgo (ICW Associate for fiction), J. Neil Garcia (ICW Associate for Poetry and Criticism), Jose Y. Dalisay Jr. (ICW Associate for fiction and drama), Jose Wendell Capili, Luna Sicat Cleto, Lilia Quindoza Santiago (ICW Associate for fiction), Mia Gonzalez, Mayette Bayuga, Ricardo de Ungria (ICW Associate for poetry) and Ruby Gamboa Alcantara (former ICW Deputy Director)


Flash fiction call for submission

Milflores Publishing is inviting writers to submit their best flash fiction/ sudden fiction for possible inclusion in an anthology to be edited by Vicente Garcia Groyon. Stories may be in English or Filipino, and from 500-750 words. Deadline for submission is June 15, 2007.

The preference is for stories which have not been previously included in books. Stories published on line or in magazines/journals are acceptable, but please indicate where and when upon submission

Groyon teaches at the De La Salle University, has won the Carlos Palanca Grand Prize for his novel Sky Over Dimas, and has contributed to two earlier Milflores anthologies: Sleepless in Manila and My Fair Maladies.

Submissions should be sent to flashfic.milflores@gmail.com or queries to cristinaphidalgo@gmail.com

22 April 2007

scenes from the university of the philippines college of arts and letters graduation ceremonies, hardin ng mga diwata, u.p. diliman, quezon city

entrance of colors with the singing of the philippine national anthem by the u.p. singing ambassadors

tribute to the late u.p. theater artist and professor ogie juliano

the u.p. singing ambassadors sing the u.p. cal hymn composed by professor felipe de leon jr. and professor, dean and national artist for literature virgilio s. almario
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national artist for the visual arts benedicto reyes cabrera (a.k.a. bencab) and u.p. cal professor, dean and national artist for literature virgilio s. almario at the claro m. recto hall
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master of ceremonies u.p. diliman sentro ng wikang filipino director galileo zafra and u.p. diliman office of extension coordination director ma. crisanta nelmida flores
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dean almario delivers the opening remarks
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the class of 2007
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the sun over the class of 2007
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professors ramona flores, antoinette bass hernandez, celia bulan and faviola ortiz from the department of speech and theater arts
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theater arts professor edna mae landicho and philippine studies professor and former vice chancellor for student affairs/arts and letters dean rosario torres yu
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prizewinning writers marra pl. lanot and jose f. lacaba
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the u.p. singing ambassadors
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bencab received a rousing applause for his well-crafted speech
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european languages chair erwin bautista reads the names of graduates from his department, assisted by prof. teodoro maranan, prof. marilyn canta and dean almario
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speech communication and theater arts chair belen calingacion's turn to read the names of graduates from her department
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english and comparative literature chair naida rivera's turn to read the names of graduates from her department
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outstanding phd dissertation winner eugene evasco of the department of filipino and philippine literatures receives his medals from dean and national artist almario, former dean rosario torres yu and his parents

last saturday, i attended the u.p. college of arts and letters (cal) graduation at the u.p. hardin ng mga diwata. i missed u.p. i missed my family, friends, and students. it feels great to be home again.

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16 April 2007

upstart poets by alfred a. yuson

The Philippine STAR, 16 April 2007

Heh-heh! Now, don’t take that heading seriously. You know me. I’m here in your planet to spread love, joy, and good cheer. And sometimes a bit of humor, okay?

Why, I even appear on TV trying to do the same, besides drawing all kinds of texted plaudits on how buddy Jimmy Abad and I were so, uhh... (far be it for me to draw comparison with Paul Newman and Robert Redford in that "Cassidy" film; besides betraying vintage class) — but that the Syjuco girls, Trix and Maxine, were decidedly more telegenic, even more eloquent.

For you out in the boondocks this summer, quoting poetic lines to yourselves like "April me with branches," all this is in reference to ANC’s Media in Focus program aired last Thursday and repeatedly replayed owing to insistent public demand... Wait, wait, jocose there, too. Credit regular scheduling.

Anyway, the weekly show hosted by Cheche Lazaro, one of our finest-ever television journalists, may have inexplicably taken a turn for the strange with a special focus on Philippine poetry. And of course its weird practitioners.

So there we were, making sosi with Cheche for a full hour, in live public view all over our cable-channel-strung archipelago and then some, explaining what poetry we wrote, where, when, why and how. (Hey, even fellow poet Wendell Capili who’s still on academic sabbatical in Canberra SMS’d kudos to his former UP mates, right after the show.)

As producer Twink Macaraig (my sis-in-law, by the by; so now you get the konek) and her assistant, Pat Evangelista (former mentee gone wildly on her own; can’t blame her), explained to us guests how Cheche’s show had three "gaps" — which would feature a pair of poets each.

Thankfully, my vast experience in television (as a censor and sometime adept, both) allowed me to explain to my fellow guests that "gap" actually meant "segment" — and that they should just nod brightly and accept the license taken with language, heightened language, and nod brightly again and accede to their placement in Gap One or Two or Three.

Okay? Okey po. That last came from the three young ’uns, as against the three veterans ("pillars," as Cheche kept subtly inferring about our senior citizenship status). So Jim Abad and I took the first gap (as pillars of salt, for always trying to look back at a storied past), while the decidedly electric pair of sisters (progeny of that handsome cum brilliant couple Cesare and Jean Marie Syjuco) filled up the second, and delivering the coup de grace were the balagtasero and premier poet in Filipino, Teo Antonio, and bilingual page-turned-page-trasher poet Angelo Suarez.

Good mix, good flow, good show. ’Twas a pleasure to commingle anew with the youthful trio of Gelo, Trix and Maxine — each of whom was allowed to perform as gap openers or closers, heh-heh. And all three were brilliant, as performance poets.

Well, what do you expect? When they learned at the feet of the masters, namely that legendary rock pop Cesare A.X. of De La Salle-Taft, the love diva Ophelia Dimalanta of UST, and the living icon Cirilo Bautista of both Taft and España?

That’s what Jim and I tried to say during our 15 minutes of fame portion (er, gap): that the torch keeps getting passed, that poetry and all other forms of art must necessarily evolve, since they’re trans-generational, blah blah blah. And that that’s why we admit upstart poets, oops, within our radius of salty significance.


Why, Trix Syjuco, Maxine Syjuco, and Gelo Suarez, exciting avant-gardists as they have been, should tow in all the other Spoken Word, Open Mike, Hip-hop Rapstyle readers and performers taking a stab at, and drawing a lot of blood from, poetry.

So hooray for evolution!

Take the recent Philippines Free Press awards night at the Mandarin Ballroom last Tuesday the 10th of April — a day that will glow carmine red in the millennial literary calendar as the Changing of the Guards milestone or some such. When important poets like Eric Gamalinda, J. Neil Garcia, Joel Toledo, and a namesake of this chronicler landed on the seat of their pants, after being upended by... why, who are these... upstarts?

Oops. Come to think of it, it’s about time that multi-awarded (that modifier our buddy Butch Dalisay hates and excoriates) poets and writers take a back seat, or bottom seat, to the upcoming, far more than promising, entrants in literary derbies.

And so we must congratulate the judges for the Poetry category, namely Jimmy Abad (him again?), Marj Evasco ("goldened by... tongue"), and RayVi Sunico (who knows "the secret of graphite") for their wizened deliberation that not only opened the trophy doors to fresh poetry but also produced two gorgeous winners, apart of course from finally giving credit to an underrated, oft-absent poet, in the person of Victor Jose "Bimboy" Peñaranda, who’s currently in Macedonia!

For the record, here are the prizewinners of the richest poetry contest in town, The Philippines Free Press 2007 Literary Awards, with a first prize worth P80K, second P50K, and third P30K (and those are for single poems!):

First Prize (one winner): Mookie Katigbak for "As Far As Cho-Fu-Sa";

Second Prize (two winners): Victor Peñaranda for "Josefina Sleeping" and Ana Escalante Neri for "Lightscape";

Third Prize (one winner): Eric Gamalinda for "Qana";

Honorable Mention (four winners): J. Neil Garcia for "Torso"; Alfred A. Yuson for "Concealment"; Joel M. Toledo for "Ascension"; and Joel M. Toledo (again!) for "New Century, With Dragon."

Some honors, of course, come with nary a cash prize but great distinction, so there.

And for the Short Story category, well, alas! No winner for First Prize, but two winners for Second Prize: Rhea Buela Politado for "Southbound" and Anna Felicia C. Sanchez for "Inventories" — and three winners for Third Prize: Timothy R. Montes for "To the Slaughterhouse"; Dean Francis Alfar for "Six From Downtown"; and Douglas Candano for "A Visit to the Exhibition of the International Committee on Children’s Rights."

For the Essay category, again, alas! No winners for First Prize and Second Prize, while there were two winners for Third Prize: Rosario Cruz Lucero for "Singer on the Mango Tree" and Sandra Nicole Roldan for "How to Deal With Dying."

The panel of judges for both the Story and Essay categories was composed of Menchu Aquino, Susan Lara and Luis Katigbak. Hate mail re parsimony may be addressed to... Wait, just kidding.

On this matter, let us reiterate that it often becomes a sore point at literary contests when cash prizes are held back. One school of thought has it that even a race featuring turtles ought to produce a winner, while a contending thought says simply, "But we gotta have standards that can’t be compromised."

Uhh, well, I dunno. Don’t ask me, I’m just a jokester, quipster, chronicler and gossip. And eavesdropper. Was that the great novelist Charlson Ong grumbling (sounded like him) over unnecessary remarks about having to preserve the prestige of a Free Press First Prize in Fiction, since previous winners include such a one as Jose Garcia Villa? Yeah. Who him again? An upstart in his own time, we may presume.

In any case, the FP contest is certainly something for our young writers to look forward to, especially since next year, on the magazine’s centennial, greater cash awards were announced by no less than Rep. Teddy Locsin: P100K for First!

Wow! Repeat: that’s for a single poem, or story. FP literary editor Sarge Lacuesta did mention that the Essay category might have to give way for either Children’s Story or Young Adult Fiction. Or maybe I wasn’t eavesdropping well enough.

Suffice it to say that the contest produced two youthful winners in Ana Escalante Neri and Doug Candano, both barely a year away from their stint as writing fellows in the National Writers Workshop in Dumaguete. They were part of that illustrious batch of May 2006 — the rest of whom will surely make their mark as well in our literature.

That’s what we mean by the torch being passed. But must it be passed so fast? Should Mookie Katigbak, a student of mine at the Ateneo only some years ago, show up her, uhh, dementors so precipitately? Indeed she has every right to do so. For her edgy yet delicate poetry grants her the privilege. Just as the young Syjucos and Suarez, Candano and Neri, Sanchez and Roldan are starting up and taking hold of that torch so early.

Bravo the precocious bravura!

03 April 2007

top choices for local (philippine) film awards 2007 by william reyes

IN terms of output, the past year (2006) in our movie industry wasn't much different from the previous year (2005), when a lot of independently- produced digital features provided a much-needed shot in the arm, so to speak, to cause a revival of interest in local films.

The response by the industry people and the viewing public to local (digital) film competitions, such as the Cinemalaya Philippine Independent Film Festival and Competition, the Cinemanila International Filmfest-Digital Lokal Competition, and the Cinema One Originals Filmfest, have continuously been positive and encouraging. But as ever, the standard viewing fare coming from the mainstream cinema, mostly commercial movies of various genres, remain a favorite by a bigger sector of the moviegoing public and provide greater revenues for the producers and theater owners.

Still, people from the industry continue to give recognitions, through different awards-giving organizations, to outstanding cinematic works from our local practitioners whether they are for revolutionizing the cinema industry, through the more daring and less costly indie/digital productions, or play safe by coming up with "formula" movies, which are, nonetheless, patronized for their improved technical quality and star value.

Already, the nominations (and winners) from some academe-based groups were out. And a sector or two from the local entertainment press have already chosen the nominees to this year's local movie awards.

We have, for the past two years, also come up with a list, to determine which films (including digital features, for that matter; no such distinction or division) and whose performances therein were really outstanding, through a random mini-survey of some industry people and movie buffs.

This year, we have a total of forty (40) respondents (including this writer) who voted on their Top Choices for local films' awards in the coming season. Categories include: Best Picture, Direction, Screenplay, and Performances (Lead/Supporting Actor and Actress).

The following emerged as winners:

BEST PICTURE (Top Choices):

MLR Films' "Kubrador" (25 votes);
Unitel Pictures' "Inang Yaya" (19 votes);
Centerstage Productions' "Kaleldo" (13 votes)

Finalists: Bicycle Pictures' "Donsol" (12 votes); Star Cinema-ABS CBN Film Productions, Inc.'s "Kasal, Kasali, Kasalo" (12 votes); Cinemalaya (06)'s "Batad, Sa Paang Palay" (9 votes); Echo and Mirage Media's "Tulad Ng Dati" (5 votes); and "Todo Todo Terros" (5 votes)

BEST DIRECTOR (Top Choices):

Jeffrey Jeturian ("Kubrador") , 24 votes;
Pablo Biglang-Awa and Veronica Velasco ("Inang Yaya"), 17 votes;
Brillante Mendoza ("Kaleldo"), 12 votes;
Jose Javier Reyes ("Kasal, Kasali, Kasalo"), 12 votes.

Finalists: Adolfo B. Alix, Jr. ("Donsol"), 11 votes; Mike Escareal Sandejas ("Tulad Ng Dati"), 9 votes; Will Fredo ("Compound") , 7 votes; Benjie Garcia ("Batad, Sa Paang Palay"), 6 votes; John Torres ("Todo-Todo Terros"), 5 votes.

BEST ACTRESS (Top Choices):

Gina Pareno ("Kubrador") , 30 votes;
Maricel Soriano ("Inang Yaya"), 22 votes;
Cherry Pie Picache ("Kaleldo"), 19 votes

Finalists: Angel Aquino ("Donsol"), 12 votes; Judy Ann Santos ("Kasal, Kasali, Kasalo"), 12 votes; Angel Aquino ("Kaleldo"), 7 votes; Rio Locsin ("Mudraks"), 7 votes; Nora Aunor ("Care Home"), 6 votes; Mylene Dizon ("Rome and Juliet"), 6 votes; Juliana Palermo ("Kaleldo"), 5 votes.


John Arcilla ("Compound") , 14 votes;
Sid Lucero ("Donsol"), 14 votes;
Cesar Montano ("Ligalig"), 12 votes;
Jericho Rosales ("Manny Pacquiao"), 11 votes.

Finalists: Johnny Delgado ("Kaleldo"), 9 votes; Piolo Pascual ("Don't Give Up On Us"), 9 votes; Ryan Agoncillo ("Kasal, Kasali, Kasalo"), 8 votes; Rustom Padilla ("Zsa Zsa Zaturnnah, Ze Moveeh!), 8 votes; Alchris Galura ("Batad"), 7 votes; Mark Gil ("Rotonda"), 5 votes; Jett Pangan ("Tulad Ng Dati"), 5 votes.


Ralston Jover ("Kubrador") , 20 votes;
Veronica Velasco ("Inang Yaya"), 17 votes;
Jose Javier Reyes ("KKK"), 13 votes;

Finalists: Adolf Alix, Jr. ("Donsol"), 11 votes; Boots Agbayani Pastor ("Kaleldo"), 10 votes; Will Fredo ("Compound") , 9 votes; Vic Acedillo, Jr. ("Batad, Sa Paang Palay"), 8 votes; Mike Escareal Sandejas ("Tulad Ng Dati"), 6 votes.


Gina Pareno ("Kasal, Kasali, Kasalo"), 15 votes;
Liza Lorena ("Inang Yaya"), 13 votes;
Tala Santos ("Inang Yaya"), 7 votes.

Finalists: Cherry Pie Picache ("Twilight Dancers"), 6 votes; Criselda Volks ("Kaleldo"), 6 votes; Phoemela Barranda ("Ang Pamana"), 5 votes; Erika Oreta ("Inang Yaya"), 5 votes; Celia Rodriguez ("Ligalig"), 5 votes.


Johnny Delgado ("Ligalig"), 12 votes;
Chokoleit ("Zsa Zsa Zaturnnah, Ze Moveeh!), 9 votes;
Fons Deza ("Kubrador") 6 votes;
Alan Paule ("Kaleldo"), 6 votes

Finalists: Herbert Bautista ("Umuulan, Umaaraw"), 5 votes; Ping Medina ("Tulad Ng Dati"), 5 votes; Jake Macapagal ("Compound") , 5 votes; Perry Escano ("Compound") , 5 votes.


AS a rule, we have decided to include as finalists films (with citations for direction and screenplay) and performances which got the nods of at least five (5) of our respondents. But there are other noteworthy films/performances from last year's industry ouput, which also figured in the survey, and these include (in alphabetical order):

Sherad Anthony Sanchez' "Ang Huling Balyan Ng Buhi"; Romeo Candido's "Ang Pamana"; Gil Portes' "Barcelona"; Suzett Ranillo's "Care Home"; Joyce Bernal's "Don't Give Up On Us"; Mark Reyes' "Eternity"; Mario Cornejo's "First Day High"; Lav Diaz' "Heremias"; Jose Javier Reyes' "I Wanna Be Happy"; Khavn Dela Cruz' "Iskwaterpunk" ; Cesar Montano's "Ligalig"; Joel Lamangan's "Mano Po 5"; Brillante Mendoza's "Manoro";

Mark Reyes' "Moments of Love": Arah Jell Badayos/Margaret Guzman's "Mudraks"; Bobby Bonifacio's "Numbalikdiwa" ; Joel Lamangan's "Manny Pacquiao"; Paolo Herras' "Rekados"; Connie S. Macatuno's "Rome and Juliet"; Ron Bryant's "Rotonda"; Chito S. Rono's "Sukob"; Mel Chionglo's "Twilight Dancers"; Richard Arellano's "Umuulan, Umaaraw"; Cathy Garcia-Molina's "You Are The One"; Ed Lejano's "Zeroks"; and Lamangan's "Zsa Zsa Zaturnnah! (Ze Moveeeh)".

Other cited performances (lead/supporting actor) include:

Archie Adamos ("Raket Ni Nanay"), Ryan Agoncillo ("Umuulan, Umaaraw"); Nash Aguas ("Shake, Rattle & Roll 8"); Luis Alandy ("Barcelona" ); Bobby Andrews ("Eternity"); Robert Arevalo ("Barcelona" ); Nonie Buencamino ("Batad"); Celso Ad Castillo ("Rotonda"); John Lloyd Cruz ("Close To You"); Soliman Cruz ("KKK");

Dingdong Dantes ("Eternity") ; THE DAWN's Carlos Balcells, JB Leonor, Francis "Brew" Reyes, and Buddy Zabala ("Tulad Ng Dati"); Allen Dizon ("Twilight Dancers"); Alchris Galura ("Batad"); Darrel Gamotin ("Ang Pamana"); Nicco Lorenzo Garcia ("Ang Pamana"); Mark Gil ("Raket Ni Nanay");

Simon Ibarra ("Donsol"); Arnell Ignacio ("Twilight Dancers"); Joel Lamangan ("Twilight Dancers"); Ronnie Lazaro ("Heremias") ; Mario Magalona ("Mudraks"/" Rekados") ; Johnny Manahan ("Kubrador") ; Jay Manalo ("Pacquiao"); Ping Medina ("Numbalikdiwa" ); Lauren Novero ("Kaleldo"/" Twilight Dancers"/"Zeroks" );

Kenneth Ocampo ("Donsol"); Alan Paule ("Barcelona" ); Tyrone Perez ("Twilight Dancers"); Polo Ravales ("Manay Po"); Neil Ryan Sese ("Zeroks"); Oyo Sotto ("Txt"); Dennis Trillo ("Pamahiin") ; Ariel Ureta ("KKK"); Ronaldo Valdez ("Sukob"); and Alfred Vargas ("Zsa Zsa Zaturnnah, Ze Moveeh!).

Other cited performances (lead/supporting actress) include: Jonalyn Abiong ("Manoro"); Gina Alajar ("Batad"); Kris Aquino ("Sukob"); Claudine Barretto ("Sukob"); Lily Chu ("Compound") ; Sunshine Cruz ("Ligalig"); Andrea Del Rosario ("Rome and Juliet"); Gloria Diaz ("KKK"); Eugene Domingo ("D'Lucky Ones"); Pops Fernandez ("Zsa Zsa Zaturnnah, Ze Moveeh!); Jean Garcia ("I Will Always Love You"); Cherie Gil ("Donsol"); Toni Gonzaga ("You Are The One");

Agot Isidro ("Tulad Ng Dati"); Jacklyn Jose ("Pacquiao"/ "Eternity" ); Hilda Koronel ("Eternity") ; Estrella Kuenzler ("Numbalikdiwa" ); Caroline Mangosing ("Ang Pamana"); Jennylyn Mercado ("Eternity") ; Mystika ("Zeroks"); Zsa Zsa Padilla ("Zsa Zsa Zaturnnah, Ze Moveeh!); Cherry Pie Picache ("I Wanna Be Happy"/"Manay Po"); Manilyn Reynes ("Shake, Rattle & Roll 8"); Boots Anson-Roa ("Rekados"/" Sukob"); Gloria Romero ("I Wanna Be Happy");

Maja Salvador ("Sukob"); Judy Ann Santos ("Don't Give Up On Us"); Gloria Sevilla ("Care Home"); Meryll Soriano ("Numbalikdiwa" /"Rekados" ); Lorna Tolentino ("Mano Po 5"); Tessie Tomas ("Rome and Juliet"); Mica Torre ("Saan Nagtatago Si Happiness"); Divina Valencia ("Care Home"); Regine Velasquez ("Till I Met You"); and Nadine Villasin ("Ang Pamana")


THIS YEAR's respondents were a mixed batch composed of industry practitioners, academe members, entertainment scribes and film aficionados or the average movie buffs who regularly watch Filipino movies.

These are (in random order):

Nonoy Lauzon of the UP Film Institute and Professors Patrick Flores, Eloisa Hernandez, Romulo Baquiran, Eileen Legaspi-Ramirez (of UP/Young Critics Circle)

Leopoldo 'Pol' Del Mundo (of MTRCB)

Edwin Joaquin (of Mowelfund Film Institute)

actor-director Andoy Ranay

movie-TV associate directors James Amparo, Vives Anunciacion, and Jamie Ann Jose

movie production coordinator Maxie Evangelista

freelance character actor, Jesus Evardone

writer-director Johven Velasco

pageant organizer Greg Mil Palacio

production designer Ching Danseco

indie producer-director Ellen Ongkeko-Marfil

writer-directors Rica Arevalo and Sigfreid Barros-Sanchez

And from the local entertainment press:

Bayani San Diego (of the Philippine Daily Inquirer)

editor-columnist, Isah V. Red (of Manila Standard TODAY)

Ricky Calderon (of *Business Mirror*/ENPRESS)

columnist/radio anchor (DZXL) Fernan "Miss F" de Guzman

Aaron Domingo, Rodel Fernando, Rommel Gonzales, Oghie Ignacio, Robert Pangis, and Rommel Placente of the Philippine Movie Press Club (PMPC).

On behalf of People's INSIDER Magazine editors and staff, we thank each and everyone of our respondents for their cooperation.