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30 April 2009

lino brocka films in magnet katipunan

Cinekatipunan.MOV presents


This whole month of May is BROCKA MONTH.

In celebration of Lino Brocka's 18th death anniversary (21 May 1991).

26 of hi

s best films, Mondays to Saturdays,

Mag:net Katipunan. Screening starts at 4:30pm

BROCKALENDARYO (Screening starts at 4:30pm):

1 May, Fri: Santiago (1970)

2 May, Sat: P/X (1982)

4 May, Mon: Palipat-Lipat, Papalit-Palit / Keep On Changing, Keep On Moving (1982)

5 May, Tue: Pasan Ko Ang Daigdig / I Carry The World (1987)

6 May, Wed: Babangon Ako't Dudurugin Kita / I Will Rise And Crush You (1989)

7 May, Thu: Lucia (1992)

8 May, Fri: Hayop Sa Hayop / Beast To Beast (1978)

9 May, Sat: Kontrobersiyal / Controversial (1981)

10 May, Mon: Gumapang Ka Sa Lusak / Dirty Affair (1990)

12 May, Tue: Tubog Sa Ginto / Dipped In Gold (1971)

13 May, Wed: Cain & Abel (1982)

14 May, Thu: Miguelito, Ang Batang Rebelde / Miguelito, The Rebel Boy (1985)

15 May, Fri: Ina, Kapatid, Anak / Mother, Sister, Daughter (1979)

16 May, Sat: Macho Dancer (1989)

18 May, Mon: Stardoom (1971)

19 May, Tue: Ina Ka Ng Anak Mo / You’re The Mother Of Your Child (1979)

20 May, Wed: Angela Markado (1980) BROCKA NIGHT (9:30pm-1am): featuring The Brockas, Los Chupacabras, Us 2 Evil 0, Live Tilapia

21 May, Thu: Tatlo, Dalawa, Isa / Three, Two, One (1974)

22 May, Fri: Ang Tatay Kong Nanay / My Father Is My Mother (1978)

23 May, Sat: Jaguar (1979)

25 May, Mon: Orapronobis (1989)

26 May, Tue: Bona (1980)

27 May, Wed: Bayan Ko: Kapit Sa Patalim / My Country: In Desperate Straits (1984)

28 May, Thu: Tinimbang Ka Ngunit Kulang / Weighed But Found Wanting (1974)

29 May, Fri: Insiang (1976)

30 May, Sat: Maynila: Sa Mga Kuko Ng Liwanag / Manila: In The Claws Of Light (1975)

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.MOV International Digital Film Festival.

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May 1, Friday
Santiago (1970)
Synopsis : Gonzalo was ordered to blow-up a building
which was suspected of being a Japanese cache. But he
soon finds that the building also housed a number of
Filipino civilians, including women and children. He
ends up killing all except on girl who he brings to a
nearby village.
Starring : Fernando Poe, Jr., Dante Rivera, Boots
Anson-Roa, Hilda Koronel, Jay Ilagan, Caridad Sanchez,
Mildred Ortega, Mary Walter, Ruben Rustia, Lorli
Villanueva, Joonee Gamboa, Mario O'Hara
Running Time : 123mins.

May 2, Saturday
P/X (1982)
Synopsis : The story begins with Graves, an American
soldier stationed in the Philippines, and Lydia, a
Filipina, meeting up and relationship begins.
Unfortunately, Graves accidentally kills a young boy
while on duty at the American base, and the boy
happens to be the little brother of Lydia’s former
lover, Sidro, who is a hit man for the top mobster
Starring: Hilda Koronel, Philip Salvador, Leonard Urso
Running Time : 98 mins.

May 4, Monday
Palipat-Lipat, Papalit-Palit / Keep On Changing, Keep
On Moving (1982)
Synopsis : A workaholic career girl unconsciously
neglects relationship with her husband. Only to find
out, her husband won't be able to give what she needs
Starring : Dina Bonnevie, Cristopher de Leon, Mark Gil
Running : 97 mins.

May 5, Tuesday
Pasan Ko ang Daigdig / I Carry the World (1987)
Synopsis : Lupe Velez carries the weight of the world
in her shoulders. At a young age, she begs around the
busy streets of Manila while carrying her crippled
mother on her back. Still, Lupe is determined in
working hard to live her dream of a better life.
Starring : Sharon Cuneta, Tonton Gutierrez, Loretta
Marquez, Rey “PJ” Abellana, Mark Gil, Princess
Punzalan, Mario Montenegro, Anita Linda, Raoul Aragon,
Deborah Sun, Mari-len Martinez, Jimmy Reyes, Joey
Luna, Estrella Antonio, Bebot Davao
Running time : 130 mins.

May 6, Wednesday
Babangon Ako’t Dudurugin Kita / I will Rise and Crush
You (1989)
Synopsis : Salve is a loving wife to Alfred, an
aspiring politician. However, Alfred meets Via and
they both set to pursue a political career since Via
is from a powerful political family. As they plan a
scheme to get rid of Salve, she survives the carnage
and takes revenge.
Starring : Sharon Cuneta, Cristopher de Leon, Hilda
Koronel, Bembol Roco, Mona Lisa, Ruben Rustia, Tom
Olivar, William Lorenzo, Tony Tacorda, Jimmy Reyes,
Pocholo Montes, Gina Perez, Fred Capulong, Jose
Jardinazo, Nanding Josef
Running time : 100 mins.

May 7, Thursday
Lucia (1992)
Synopsis : In a fishing village in Bataan, a tanker
caused an oil spill. The oil threatens not just the
marine life but the existence of the entire community.
Many villagers left the community soon after. Lucia
and her family decided to stay in the village but the
social forces at play are too strong and Lucia is
powerless to stop the disintegration of her family as
they are forced into the slums of Manila.
Starring : Gina Alajar, Elvira Baldomero, Suzette
Ranillo, Lolita Rodriguez
Running time : 90 mins.

May 8, Friday
Hayop sa Hayop / Beast to Beast (1978)
Synopsis : Benjie, Andrew, and Alicia plotted a bank
robbery with a wild escape. Benjie and Andrew, leaders
of the gang, decided to escape from the authorities
with Alicia carrying a large sum of money. Since the
incident was all over the papers, they had to cross
even the devil’s highway than to surrender and face
the death sentence.
Starring : Bembol Roco, Hilda Koronel, Phillip
Salvador, Paquito Diaz
Running time : 98 mins.

May 9, Saturday
Kontrobersyal / Controversial (1981)
Synopsis : Blinded by the bright lights of show
business and sugar-coated promises offered by producer
Mers Madsen, Carina Daluz walked toward the path to
stardom. Things turned around when her stardom
compromised her sanity, corrupted her soul, and stole
her innocence.
Starring : Gina Alajar, Charo Santos, Philip Salvador
Running Time : 115 mins.

May 11, Monday
Gumapang Ka sa Lusak / Dirty Affair (1990)
Synopsis : The Mayor of Manila has been keeping an
affair with a formerly famous local movie star for
years. Although his wife has been aware of the secret
affair, she went along as long as it didn’t threaten
her cushy and powerful position. However, the mayor is
coming up for re-election and he’s threatened that his
little secret is about to become public property.
Starring: Dina Bonnevie, Cristopher de Leon, Eddie
Garcia, Charo Santos, Bembol Roco, Allan Paule,
Francis Magalona, William Lorenzo, Perla Bautista,
Anita Linda, Lucita Soriano, Timmy Diwa
Running Time: 115 mins.

May 12, Tuesday
Tubog sa Ginto / Dipped in Gold (1971)
Synopsis : Tubog sa Ginto is a story of a gay man
living in the 70s Manila. He’s married to a beautiful
wife and fathers a young man. Almost living a perfect
life of financial stability and beautiful family, he
is terrified of being outed.
Starring : Eddie Garcia, Mario O'Hara, Lolita
Rodriguez, Marissa Delgado, Jay Ilagan, Hilda Koronel,
Luis Gonzales, Jimmy Morato, Veronica Palileo, Joonee
Gamboa, Joe Avelino, Lorli Villanueva
Running Time : 122 mins.

May 13, Wednesday
Cain & Abel (1982)
Synopsis : Ellis and Lorens are quarrelling brothers
set to inherit their large ranch from an overbearing
mother. Ellis, the older brother, is womanizer who
fathers the offspring resulted from his seductions
with various housemaids, while remaining married to
his wife. The younger brother, Lorens, is also married
but he is not as prodigal as his older brother. Events
plot to get each brother involved in gangs and
threaten their future as it may be shorter than their
Starring : Cristopher de Leon, Phillip Salvador,
Cecile Castillo, Gloria Guinto
Running Time : 109 mins.

May 14, Thursday
Miguelito, Ang Batang Rebelde / Miguelito, The Rebel
Boy (1985)
Synopsis : Miguelito “Mike” Herera lives a happy go
lucky life. However, his father, Mayor Ven Herera, is
preparing his only soon to be his predecessor. Mike’s
mother, Auring, has just come out of jail and swore to
take her son back. To find the truth, Mike asked his
parents about who is his real mother but they refuse
to tell the truth.
Starring : Aga Muhlach, Nida Blanca, Eddie Garcia,
Gloria Romero, Gretchen Barretto, Lisa Lorena, Nadia
Running Time : 116 mins.

May 15, Friday
Ina, Kapatid, Anak / Mother, Sister, Daughter (1979)
Synopsis : Pura returns to her hometown to see her
ailing father. She is reunited with her half-sister
Emilia, who seduced her boyfriend 20 years ago. Her
visit opens up old wounds and revives the sibling
rivalry between the two.
Starring : Charito Solis, Lolita Rodriquez, Rio
Locsin, Ric Rodrigo, Laurice Guillen, Raul Aragon,
Lorli Villanueva, Manny Ojeda
Running Time : 93 mins.

May 16, Saturday
Macho Dancer (1989)
Synopsis : Pol is a probinsyano who travels to Manila
after his gay American GI lover leaves the
Philippines. After taking a job as a dancer he quickly
becomes a male prostitute in order to survive. He
meets Noel, his new roommate, who’s looking for his
sister missing in Manila. Pol and Noel short change a
corrupt cop on some drug money in hopes of rescuing
Noel’s sister from the brothel.
Starring : Allan Paule, Daniel Fernando, Jaclyn Rose,
Princess Punzalan, William Lorenzo, Timothy Diwa,
Angelo Miguel, Johnny Vicar, Lucita Soriano, Joel
Lamangan, Bobby Sano, Charlie Catalla
Running Time : 133 mins.

May 18, Monday
Stardoom (1971)
Synopsis : Movie about the movies. An ambitious
smother pushes her youngest son into a tragic career
in show business. Her son soon decides that he must
not be associated with his illiterate mother for fear
that his humble and humiliating background be exposed.
Starring : Mario O'Hara, Lolita Rodriguez, Eddie
Garcia, Caridad Sanchez, Jimmy Morato, Joonee Gamboa,
Hilda Koronel, Walter Navarro, Lotis Key, Celeste
Legaspi, Tita Muñoz
Running Time : 145 mins.

May 19, Tuesday
Ina Ka ng Anak Mo / You’re the Mother of Your Child
Synopsis : The story portrays the everyday life of
Renata and her daughter Ester, who is married to Luis.
Unfortunately, Ester and her mother get into a heated
argument resulting to Renata feeling emotional about
it. She then confides to Luis about her problems,
which results to one night of passionate union.
Starring : Nora Aunor, Lolita Rodriguez, Raul Aragon,
Lorli Villanueva
Running Time : 97 mins.

May 20, Wednesday
Angela Markado (1980)
Synopsis : The story Angela revolves around a woman
named Angela Delmar who, one night, fell into the
hands of five men who took turns in raping her. After
raping her, each man tattooed her on her back before
selling her to a brothel, from which she later on
escaped. Upon returning home, she discovered that her
friend also suffered the same fate and vowed to take
revenge on the men who violated her.
Starring : Hilda Koronel, Johnny Delgado, Celia
Rodriquez, Rez Cortez, Ruel Vernal, Tonio Gutierrez,
Dave Brodett, Raul Aragon, Archie Adamos, Menggie
Cobarrubias, Ely Roque
Running Time : 100 mins.

May 21, Thursday
Tatlo, Dalawa, Isa / Three, Two, One (1974)
Synopsis : Tatlo, Dalawa, Isa contains three separate
stories. The first one deals with drug addiction in
the slums, another deal with a poor mother trying to
raise a GI baby, and the last one concerns a spinster
who is burdened with a mother to care for.
Starring : Anita Linda, Mario O'Hara, Lolita
Rodriguez, Hilda Koronel, Jay Ilagan, Mary Walter,
Perla Bautista, Bembol Roco, Socrates Topacio, Roger
Mariscal, Rolly Papasin, Laurice Guillen
Running Time : 129 mins.

May 22, Friday
Ang Tatay Kong Nanay / My Father is My Mother (1978)
Synopsis : Coring is a gay beautician whose companion
Dennis left him for a bar hostess, Mariana. One year
later, Dennis comes to his doorstep to deposit a baby
boy, presumably his and Mariana’s lovechild.
Starring : Philip Salvador, Dolphy, Niño Muhlach,
Phillip Salvador
Running time : 115 mins.

May 23, Saturday
Jaguar (1979)
Synopsis : Poldo becomes a security guard in a posh
apartment house to help support his family. Trouble
arises after he saves resident Sonny from a corrupt
nightclub owner’s attack. Soon after Sonny offers
Poldo a job to be his bodyguard, Poldo realizes that
his new employer publishes porno magazines and just as
corrupt as his attacker. Not long after that, Poldo
accidentally tangles himself in gang wars and
Starring : Philip Salvador, Amy Austria, Menggie
Cobarrubias, Anita Linda, Johnny Delgado, Sonny
Gaston, Mario Escudero, Jimmy Santos, Jose Cunanan,
Fred Param, Nonoy de Guzman, Eddie Gicoso
Running time : 123 mins.

May 25, Monday
Orapronobis (1989)
Synopsis : A social activist is finally released from
prison after the fall of the Marcos regime.
Unfortunately, ultra-conservative death squads
terrorize the island. The activist decides to team up
with a radical priest to stop the vengeful vigilantes.
Starring : Philip Salvador, Dina Bonnevie, Gina
Alajar, Bembol Roco, Ginnie Sobrino, Abbo de la Cruz,
Pen Medina, Joel Lamangan, Gerard Bernschein, Ernie
Zarate, Jess Ramos, Obby Castaneda
Running time : 94 mins.

May 26, Tuesday
Bona (1989)
Synopsis : Bona is a middle-class schoolgirl who falls
in love with an older gigolo. She waits for him while
he pursues other women as he assumes he can dump Bona
when he’s tired of her. But meek little Bona responds
to this arrogance with hell-hath-no-fury violence.
Starring : Nora Aunor, Philip Salvador, Rustica
Carpio, Venchito Galvez, Marissa Delgado, Nanding
Josef, Spanky Manikan, Raquel Montesa
Running time : 90 mins.

May 27, Wednesday
Bayan Ko : Kapit sa Patalim / My Country : In
Desperate Straits (1985)
Synopsis : Arturo and his wife, Luz, is both working
in a printing press, After Luz becomes pregnant, Aruro
asked for a raise in exchange of signing a waiver that
he is not part of any Labor Union. Soon after, his
friends invited him to a labor union but he refuses;
causing his colleagues to treat him as a traitor. When
the printing press closed down, Arturo pursued a life
of crime just to pay for the medical fees in the
hospital where Luz is confined.
Starring : Phillip Salvador, Gina Alajar, Claudia
Zobel, Raoul Aragon, Rez Cortez, Venchito Galves,
Aristo Reyes, Jr., Lorli Villanueva, Gloria Guinto,
Lucita Soriano, Joe Taruc, PETA Kalinangan Ensemble,
Tanya Shpilevoy, Nomer Son, Bongchi Miraflor, Jess de
la Paz, Paquito Diaz, Mona Lisa
Running time : 108 mins.

May 28, Thursday
Tinimbang Ka Ngunit Kulang / Weighed But Found Wanting
Synopsis : The story of a deranged woman, wanders
about in dirty clothes and with mangy hair. Bertong
Ketong, a leper, attracts Kuala and takes her to his
shack in the cemetery. Junior makes friends with the
two, defying his father’s demand to stay away from
Starring : Cristopher de Leon, Lolita Rodriquez, Eddie
Garcia, Lorli Villanueva, Mario O'Hara, Lilia Dizon,
Joonee Gamboa, Ernie Zarate, Hilda Koronel, Bey Vito,
Laurice Guillen, Jerry O'Hara
Running time : 120 mins.

May 29, Friday
Insiang (1976)
Synopsis : Insiang washes clothing for a living while
enduring harassment by her mother. When she is raped
by her mother’s lover, she plans on a subtle course of
Starring : Hilda Koronel, Mona Lisa, Rez Cortez, Ruel
Vernal, Marlon Ramirez, Nina Lorenzo, Mely Mallari,
Carpi Asturias, George Atutubo, Eddie Pagayon, Joe
Jardi, Danny Posadas
Running time : 95 mins.

May 30, Friday
Maynila : Sa mga Kuko ng Liwanang / Manila : In the
Claws of Light (1975)
Synopsis : Julio is a probinciano who has lost track
of his childhood sweetheart Ligaya in the busy streets
of Manila. In a major quest, he enters the sprawling
metropolis in order to find her.
Starring : Hilda Koronel, Lou Salvador, Tommy Abuel
Running time : 123 mins.


13 April 2009

university of the philippines speech & drama emeritus professor alejandro casambre passed away

university of the philippines emeritus professor of speech and drama alejandro jimenez casambre (bse, u.p. diliman, 1949; m.a. speech, ohio state university, 1953; phd speech communication, ohio state university, 1962) passed away yesterday, 12 april 2009 (easter sunday).

he taught the following courses in u.p. diliman: rhetoric, public address, language and ethics, listening, and quantitative research.

he is lying in state at the resurrection chapel, claret school, u.p. village, quezon city.

university of the philippines college of arts and letters dean's office in 1983 (l-r): cora villarivera, assistant to the dean (later dean)/speech communication professor josefina angeles agravante, dean/spanish professor pablo botor, associate dean alejandro casambre and cory villagracia

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11 April 2009

university of cambridge: 1209-2009

Cambridge University
Cambridge University 800th Anniversary
Royal Albert Hall and Cambridge 800th Anniversary

The Cambridge Prom
8pm, Wednesday 22 July 2009

The Royal Albert Hall
Kensington Gore

Book now for the event of the anniversary year!

Cambridge Alumni Relations Office
The University of Cambridge
1 Quayside
Bridge Street
Cambridge, CB5 8AB
Tel. +44 (0)1223 332288
Fax +44 (0)1223 764476