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29 July 2009

President GMA names seven new Philippine National Artists by TJ Burgonio, Philippine Daily Inquirer

MANILA, Philippines – President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo has named seven National Artists for this year, including one of her advisers and pioneers in fashion design and local comic books, Malacañang said.

This years Order of National Artists roster, according to Executive Secretary Eduardo Ermita, include: National Commission on Culture and the Arts executive director Cecille Guidote Alvarez for theater; Manuel Urbano, also known as Manuel Conde, for film and broadcast arts (posthumous); Lazaro Franciso, literature (posthumous); Federico Aguilar Alcuaz, visual arts, painting, sculpture and mixed media; Magno Jose Carlo Caparas, visual arts and film; Francisco “Bobby” Mañoza, architecture; and Jose “Pitoy” Moreno, fashion design.



24 July 2009

gemino abad receives premio feronia in italy


16 July 2009

ellen ongkeko marfil's BOSES to be screened at the UP film center

ERASTO FILMS in cooperation with




Council for the Welfare of Children (CWC)

National Commission on Culture and the Arts (NCCA)

Film Development Council of the Philippines (FDCP)



Consultant for Scriptwriting ARMANDO LAO

Consultant for Child Psychology PEACHY FERNANDO


Editor and Sound Design ORLEAN TAN

Colorist JOHN TAN Production Design BIANCA GONZALES


Musical Direction COKE BOLIPATA

Director of Photography NAP JAMIR

Co-Director and Technical Supervisor MILO ALTO-PAZ

Supervising Producer CYNTHIA PAZ


Based on

Froi Medina's Tinig sa Dilim,

2nd prize winner at the Cinemanila 2007 scriptwriting competition.





Rescued by a concerned neighbor from his abusive father, 7-year old Onyok is brought to a shelter for abused children. Amanda, the shelter's owner-founder realizes that Onyok is unable to speak, caused by a physical trauma that damaged his larynx. On the first day of his stay in the shelter he hears the faint sound of a violin being played from far off. This strange but beautiful music that has captivated Onyok's attention comes from Amanda's reclusive brother Ariel, who has turned back on his career as a concert violinist in Manila and came back to the family house bearing a terrible guilt.

This is the beginning of a simple, yet moving friendship between Onyok and Ariel. Ariel's initial cynicism over his sister's commitment to caring for abused children slowly melts when he sees Onyok's intrinsic inclination to the violin. Onyok proves to have inborn talents to the instrument that leads Ariel to teach the mute little boy.

Amanda begins to worry, however, when Ariel begins to push Onyok beyond his limits, leading the boy away from dealing with his own emotional issues as well as straining his new-found friendship with Shirley, a young precocious child in the shelter.

In the course of the film, Ariel's secret guilt over the death of his sweetheart protege is revealed. The question of Ariel's motives about him pushing Onyok's gifted talents to a similar level comes to the fore. Does Ariel really care for Onyok's condition, or is he pushing Onyok to fulfill a shattered dream?

Onyok's abusive father is slowly rehabilitated and the shelter is eventually preparing for a reconciliation between father and son. Ariel realizes that he does not own the child. And their friendship will have to encompass both their individual issues -- hardly similar and yet resonant to both of them.

Nobody knows whether Onyok's reconciliation with an abusive parent will succeed. But one thing has remained inevitably clear: he has regained his voice.

"... specially moving and value-laden film. I was in tears many times, so clean and well told. "
- Cheche Lazaro, Broadcast Journalist

"Brilliant Cinema!"
- Joel Lamangan, film director

"… your film is one of the best in the four years of Cinemalaya."
- Gil Portes,film director

"BOSES will soothe the uneasy, fearful, troubled breast ... The story tackles child abuse, healing, and friendship-without being preachy and didactic. Never has a local movie integrated social advocacy and the promotion of classical music so seamlessly, movingly, and beautifully… movie collaboration at its creative best."
- Mario Hernando, Malaya, Urian

"The essence of transforming lives is so meaningful. Coke and Onyok were so natural."
- Irene Rada, CCP

"Sobrang galing. It is a must-see!"
- Dr. Honey Carandang, Child Psychologist

"The film is made even more compelling by the stirring performances turned in by the boy who plays Onyok, Davao, Picache - and most of all, by Bolipata, who moves us not only with his unexpectedly felt and insightful portrayal but also with his musical performance, which is an overwhelming experience."
- Nestor Torre, PDI

”At the premiere night, the audience was not shy in proclaiming its feelings about the movie, both shouting, laughing and crying at various times. In one scene, Ariel attempts to elude Ricky’s character and the audience collectively cheered, some people even rising from their seats! At the back of the hall was a row of foreigners and I wondered what they all thought of this Filipino brand of audience participation.

At the end, a rousing ovation was given the movie (the foreigners had risen, too) and the crowd started to chant Onyok’s name and Julian stood with pride and went onstage. Like Pacquaio at the end of a well-fought match, he stood at the center, crossed his arms and looked straight into the lenses of the cameras that had flocked around him. Standing far away, I knew that the audience recognized genius and was giving it its proper recognition.” – Rica Bolipata, Phil. Star

“ The film has magic.”
-Ronald Arguelles, Cinema One

What a contribution to Philippine culture and society! And para na rin kaming lifted to heaven. Thanks for making that film. – Liza Magtoto, playwright

"The moving BOSES offers an emotionally rich, cathartic experience ... This is an intense, heartfelt film brimming with lovely moments,"
- Gibbs Cadiz, Phil. Daily Inquirer

"Unpretentiously funny, this movie proves that quiet films can be quite riverting ..."
- Rome Jorge, Manila Times Lifestyle Editor

"... more than the movie being about how wounded people can be; more than how terrible it is that people who should love us hurt us and can somehow still miraculously redeem themselves; more than the movie being about the ability to heal and the heart to strengthen; more than the movie about being able to let go of people and trusting in what you have taught them; the movie is about how healing can come from art."
- Rica Bolipata-Santos, Philippine Star, Columnist

"... has powerful emotional appeal, electrifying musical scenes and intrinsic moral values which raise it several cuts above the average movie."
- Rosalinda Orosa, Phil. Star, Columnist

Surprisingly, Bolipata shines as an actor. His warmth and empathy for children, developed through years of teaching, shines through in this film. The man is funny as well. But Duque is even better. To say so much without a word is a command performance."
- Rome Jorge, Manila Times Lifestyle Editor

"Duque’s crushing innocence embodies the movie’s purity."
- Lito Zulueta, Philippine Daily Inquirer, Lifestyle Editor

"Your film made me motionless for some time even after watching it.

Its beauty really moved me. Poignant and so powerful, the music comes from theheart.”
- Archie de Calma, journalist

"One of the year's most intensely moving film so far, brilliantly acted by the entire cast and directed with great sensitivity..."
- Mario Bautista, People's Journal

I love your film . Malaki ang magiging impact niya sa Phil. Society.
-Vic Acedillo Jr., filmmaker

1:00 pm on Saturday, 1 August 2009 at U.P. Cine Adarna.
tickets at Php 150

Julian Duque will grace the event with a post-screening performance.

for inquiries and tickets please contact-

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