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10 March 2006


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aerial view of u.p. (1908) in diliman
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australian national university (1946) from telstra tower
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ancestral home in sampaloc, manila (1928)
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university of santo tomas (1611)
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silliman university (1901)
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mt. matutum, polomolok, south cotabato

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outside the university of tokyo (1877), hongo 3-chome
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senate house, university of cambridge (1209)

i was born and raised in the backwaters of sampaloc, manila. manila is my home because of family and initial circles of friends and acquaintances. my parents worked very hard to provide me with opportunities on which i can pursue many of my goals and dreams. i am eternally grateful to them for taking care of me and my siblings.

diliman, dumaguete, polomolok (south cotabato), tokyo, cambridge and canberra have become my homes too. there are replications of mom and dad, friends and siblings in these places.

home inspires me to do my best in spite of my severe limitations. there is always something outstanding about life because there are homes for people to fit in.


Anonymous Ralph Catedral said...

Hello sir. I just happen to run into your blog while reading someone else's. Your picture of Mt. Matutum makes me want to go back home to South Cotabato. Anyway, I hope your doing well there. :D

-from your former student

Sat Mar 11, 09:19:00 AM 2006  
Blogger Li'l Miss Eunice said...

hey sir! I dunno if you still remember me, but I SURE DO remember you. Hurry back home will you? We miss you more than you can ever imagine.You're right, only a few people know how to inspire other people, and well, you're a rare breed!

God bless, and I'll see you soon. =)

Sat Mar 11, 03:53:00 PM 2006  
Blogger wendell said...

eunice and ralph: miss you both. of course, i remember you. please pray for me so i can finish and pass my phd on or before april 07. i really want to go home and teach again. keep in touch from time to time.put me as reference any time.

Mon Mar 13, 02:38:00 PM 2006  
Blogger Blaine H. said...

You mentioned Onib Olmedo. I have a collection of his work. You can check out his paintings at http://www.onibolmedo.com
Also I have two videos on youtube

Wed Oct 10, 07:29:00 PM 2007  

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