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12 March 2006

ian, paolo and things that matter

creative and academic disciplines are often inhabited by good people. but creative and academic disciplines may also possess individuals who are either small-minded, malicious, spiteful, domineering, intrusive, mean or unsupportive.

fortunately, we have ian casocot and paolo manalo in art and academia. these two guys are truly kind, generous and warm-hearted. they've always been my siblings in this rather unstable industry. along with dm, ron, carmelo, ralph and a few others, ian and pao have always taken some great interest in the little things that i say or do. they always believe in my worth as a writer and as a person. and they are always the first ones to cheer me up when i don't feel too cozy about the omnipresence of petty little pricks in art and academic departments. recently, word easily got around that i am writing a blog. largely because these guys have posted the info online. now i am being "pestered" with sms messages from friends and acquaintances i had not seen or heard about for ages. gladly, this blog has resurrected me to the outside world.

truth is, i am isolated from most people here in australia. i developed very few close friendships here because i am driven and focused to finish my dissertation on time. i do not have a social life because i am always working on my dissertation. after years of privileged studying across the globe, i realized that the philippines is really my home. and in spite of problems back there, i am committed to my job as an academic in a third country. i don't have any sense of urgency to "network" and do some ass-licking here here or elsewhere. i am happy and settled with the folks back home: family, friends and students who brighten up classrooms. my life largely circumnavigates around a basic thought: i am just an instrument to help or inspire others. i cannot solve the problems of the world but i can do little things here and there to clarify a certain bleakness. after seeing the world, i'd rather live healthily, happily and simply.
in my home and country.

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ian casocot with rowena torrevillas and mom edith tiempo in dumaguete
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a very sober paolo manalo


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