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11 March 2006

working late at night

i have always been an insomniac. as a kid, i developed this habit of turning the radio on to put me to sleep. these days, i listen to talkback radio. australia has at least one. and since i have become a hermit of sorts (spending 10-12 hours working on dissertation-related research or writing daily), australian talkback enables me to relate to certain issues of the day. i don't even have time to read the papers. after cooking brunch, i attend seminars or do transcripts of my fieldwork interviews. i usually sleep between 4 and 5 am then i wake up at 10 or 11. then i take a quick shower, cook brunch, walk to my office (a.n.u.'s research school of pacific and asian studies sits next to university house), then work on my dissertation. sooner, i realized that i am truly productive between 9 p.m. and 4 a.m. i get to work alone. during daytime, i could not possibly work effectively because there are seminars and discussions happening all the time. professors and fellow students also knock on my door for tea invitations, long walking exercises around lake burley griffin, errands to go to civic and so on. sweetly, they also check me out to see if i am (still) quite alright. after all, writing a dissertation can drive some people crazy. but i really have nothing against these interruptions. i work best at night, when i am truly alone. i can write drafts of a poem or two then go back to my dissertation writing uninterrupted. simultaneously, my computer can play hints of music. all kinds of music. music inspires me. music keeps me alive and awake. music keeps me productive. i love working late at night.

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brisk walking around lake burley griffin, outside a.n.u.


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