23 July 2006


someone (presumably from los angeles) had plagiarized my article on lian ramos in his/her blog.
shouldn't bloggers have some etiquette too?


vera said...

hate cyberplagiarism.
at least article -- legit.

yung mine before, entries ko -- complete with pictures.

hello, teacher wendell. hope to see you soon! feel ko mag school sa australia :D

wendell said...

vera! i'll be home in time for june 2007 opening. will teach in diliman again. take care!

re: the plagiarist doesn't really bother me. but the issue has to be raised because people shouldn't just be claiming what isn't theirs.

thanks for dropping by. see you soon!

Coffee fairy said...

I can't believe this. Copied every single word and picture. Perhaps all the articles in that blog were copied from other blogs as well...

wendell said...

yeah. sana may credits. pero wala. imagine im probably one of the only 4 or 5 people in the world who knew that lian was wearing bakya inside her national costume and even that was claimed as his/her own.

Gigi said...

Wendell - You probably know this by now, but it appears that every single post at the plagiarist blogger's site was a rip-off.





wendell said...

thanks gigi for this!

subrosa said...

shameless. what i thought was funny was how his post makes it seem like he's talking about his college days, both as a student and a professor. har.

btw...i'm sure you heard i never made it to u.p. or your parents. :-P it looks like i may be taking another trip next year, so perhaps you'll actually be there too?

Cheers -

wendell said...


shameless indeed. i am laughing over it. imitation is flattery as the cliche goes. but i can press charges.

i really don't mind sharing for as long as there is citation. i guess they don't teach it in his/her school. or his/her family didn't teach him/her integrity.

re: manila. that's always the case back home. there's little time and so many things to do. i'll be there april or may 07 onwards. for good. so do drop by. cheers.

NeiLDC said...

Hey Wendell,

i post the Kubrador festival on my blog.. but in fairness i credited you. is that ok. if not please tell me if i would remove it or not.



wendell said...


no worries. these things should be shared. you only wanted people to know more about the country and you made the proper links/citations.

the one in l.a. assumed my authorship. there's a big difference between you and him/her.

interesting blog you have there. it must be humid in madrid at this time of the year. had heaps of spaniard-friends when i lived in japan and england. they used to give me lots of filipinos (the spanish chocolate biscuits). say hello to rizal's statue for me should you pass by the avenida. cheers,


NeiLDC said...

Hi wendell,

Thanks, yeah well when i came here in madrid, though i was born here in Madrid actually i kindda patriotic.. You still remember the FILIPINOS (spanish biscuit) hahah. well that was proud of us. Anyway maybe this coming months ill be trekking out Rizals places when he was here, although i saw it already his place where he used to stay during the 1898 era... i have saw this exposition called FILIPINIANA wherein they had the replica of SPOLARIUM. original manuscripts of JACINTO and spanish of NOLI and EL FILI..
anwyay i had the book of el fili in spanish in my hand right now. dont worry ill pass by the avenida and say hi to rizal..
When r u coming to Madrid?

wendell said...

for all the atrocities of the spaniards in the past, i felt that present-day spaniards are more appreciative of filipinos compared to present-day americans. i am flattered re: filipinos chocos. will probably try to visit spain in a year or so for a short conference. i'll have to finish my research then return to u.p. and teach again. good luck over there. thanks for dropping by often. cheers, w.

p.s. just added you to my links too. thanks again.

vera said...

ay talaga for the 2007 opening?
yay! i'll sit in ha? heehee

wendell said...

hopefully june 2007. better pray for me vera. i really have to finish and pass ASAP. i miss teaching and encouraging students back home.

vera said...

i will! i will! :)
i'll see you next year!