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20 December 2007

u.p. lantern parade featuring u.p. college of fine arts, ciento comico, and the u.p. singing ambassadors concert

finally, i was able to attend the u.p. lantern parade after three years of being away from home. last night, i marched with the college of arts and letters. there were a number of impressive lanterns and troupes. architecture was consistent. i loved their neat presentation of miniature buildings on top of each participant. engineering was notable with its festival of lights. but fine arts was the most impressive group with their homage to the philippine national artists for the visual arts. every year, they always manage to startle audiences with their jaw-dropping creations and movements.

here are some footages from my phone camera:

i also attended the ciento comico concert at the u.p. theater last 18 december. it was one of the opening salvos of the u.p. centennial celebrations. the show featured hugely talented students and alumni from the university, including tessie tomas, willie nepomuceno, nanette inventor, candy pangilinan, ate glow (rene boy facunla), r.s. francisco, roderick paulate, bruce quebral, the u.p. street dance club and eugene domingo. one highlight was the opening number of the u.p. pep squad.

last 30 december, i was at the benefit concert of the u.p. singing ambassadors at the u.p. church of the risen lord

truly, i have every reason in the world to stay home.

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