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19 June 2008

u.p. turns 100: scenes from the u.p. centennial concert at the cultural center of the philippines

grand finale at the c.c.p. main theater
(l-r) erica jan valerio, jose wendell capili, j. neil garcia, national artist for literature bienvenido lumbera, anril pineda tiatco, belen calingacion and rowena martinez ulayan
turkey-based rowena martinez ulayan, belen calingacion, former u.p. president francisco nemenzo, princess nemenzo, j. neil garcia, anril pineda tiatco, erica jan valerio and jose wendell capili
u.p. assistant vice president for development jaime caro, former u.p. diliman vice chancellor for student affairs / former arts and letters dean rosario torres yu and u.p. vice president for public affairs cristina pantoja hidalgo
u.p. president emerlinda r. roman with students after the show

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Anonymous marc said...

hey, i didn't know UP had any foxy profs!

Sat Jun 28, 09:01:00 PM 2008  
Blogger wendell said...

UP is diverse naman. we have people from all sorts of backgrounds. feel free to drop by diliman anytime.

Sun Jun 29, 12:51:00 AM 2008  
Anonymous marc said...

i AM from UP! haha CL50.

..and no, i'm not a stalker.

Sun Jun 29, 01:33:00 AM 2008  
Blogger wendell said...

marc naman, you didnt even identify yourself kasi.

erica valerio is foxy indeed. smart and pretty. ill tell her about what you just said.

Sun Jun 29, 02:56:00 PM 2008  

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