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23 October 2008

in baguio, in october

google's aerial view of baguio
view of the cathedral surrounded by structures along session road
view of burnham park
university of the cordilleras and the huge bowl behind it

session road
as i post this entry...

these days, there aren't too many pine trees in baguio. still, i decided to go up to finish a couple of manuscripts. baguio has always been good to me. i completed many poems here. i used to take long trips in college from manila to this city as a tutor-volunteer to underprivileged students. i spent many summers with writer-friends during the annual u.p. national writers' workshops. most importantly, i could not finish anything solid in manila. i need this short break very badly.

here, i've been walking to my favorite coffee shop daily. tantalized by the aroma of benguet coffee, i write religiously from noon to dusk. then i take a long walk back to my hotel room to work till dawn.

i'm back to my australia schedule. stay tuned.

p.s. occasionally, i bump into old friends and former students. while walking, a handful of local residents would stop and ask me if i am THAT person from the TV commercial. local and national newspapers are still running advertorials about me and the milk campaign. magaling talaga mag-promote ang nestle at ang chris cahilig consultancy inc. because of these guys, i am not totally isolated from the rest of the world.



Blogger jaspercaesar said...

hi w!

thanks for the message. im writing a new post perhaps a little similar to the one you accidentally deleted.

i saw your milk ad - wow! im sure a lot of people will enlist under you, and prolly a lot of students will enroll in your college. hahaha.

thank you for the super-early bday greeting ha, sa january pa kasi iyon.

hope you had a serene celebration of nov 1st and 2nd.



Sun Nov 02, 09:13:00 PM 2008  
Blogger lotholotho said...

nakakatawa yung plugging ng ad sa last part...hahaha.

i miss Baguio, ako'y isang Batang Burnham....loves the place where you never run out of things that fancy you. tatakas siguro ko one time this Nov. :)

Sat Nov 08, 03:23:00 AM 2008  
Blogger wendell said...


you tell your sister to enlist in my classes. keep in touch!!!



funny, sana andun ka. was just working on a book but people would drop by the space where i was working. i still go to tanya's every month. thank God for tanya. ganda pa rin haircut namin. hehe.


Sat Nov 08, 12:48:00 PM 2008  

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