25 November 2009


The University of the Philippines condemns in the strongest possible terms the maltreatment and brutal massacre at Maguindanao of close to 50 people. Those tortured and killed included a wife on her way to the provincial capital to file her husband’s certificate of candidacy, an incumbent vice mayor, a councilor, two lawyers and the father of one of the lawyers, other innocent civilian supporters and family members, and journalists who were simply doing their job of covering the event.

As we gradually absorb the gruesome details of this barbaric crime, we are both horrified and appalled—horrified by its atrocity and cruelty, and appalled by what it reveals about the state of affairs in Maguindanao where the massacre occurred, not to mention the state of the nation itself.

We condole with the families of the victims and hope that justice will be swift and fair; that the victims’ families and friends will find the courage to survive the sorrow; and that all of us will find a way to work together to change the grim circumstances that make such a tragedy possible.


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AziL™ said...

Sir, i am from Mindanao, though far from Magindanao, the fear spreads throughout...this is so far the worst election-related tragedy i have known. This has to stop!