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05 February 2010

CALL FOR PAPERS: International Conference on Postcolonial Praxis

International Conference on Postcolonial Praxis

Department of English and Comparative Literature
College of Arts and Letters
University of the Philippines
UP Diliman, Quezon City
21-23 July 2010

Through this conference, we invite participants from other parts of the Philippines and from other former colonies /countries in the “Global South” (i.e., “underdeveloped , “developing”, “Third World”, decolonizing societies) to reexamine and to re-territorialize Anglo-American, English, American, French, German, Dutch, Hispanic, Latin American Studies, programs and projects.

The conference aims to provide a venue for the construction of a general programmatic of postcolonial knowledge-production and other postcolonial cultural practices which can be disseminated through formal educational institutions as curricula and courses; informal/alternative educational groups; professional organizations; mass media; computer-aided technologies, and through cultural networks.

Plenary speakers include Professor Reynaldo C. Ileto of National University of Singapore and UP Diliman University Professor Emeritus Gemino H. Abad.

Postcolonial Praxis: Theories, Cultural Practices and Movements for the Global South


• Postcolonial Writing/ Visual Arts / Performance Arts and the New technologies • Recuperating Colonial Languages
• Re
territorializing Language and Literature Studies in the Global South
• Problematizing the “National” in National Cultural Practices • Issues and Concerns of a National Language in a Decolonizing Society
• Dialectics of Native Authenticity & Cultural Hybridity
• Politics of “Otherness”, “Politics of Othering” Nation Formation and Postcolonial Cultural Studies
• Understanding / Re
semanticizing the Role of the “the Folk” / “Millenarian”/ “Cargo Cults” in the Histories of Nation Formation
• History and Counter Memory or Alternative Historiographies in / for Postcolonial/ Cultural Studies
• Problems of Representation (e.g., essentialism vs. ghettoism; “strategic essentialism”; tokenism)
• Politics of Location (ethnic, class, race, gender, religion, generation, etc ) and Cultural Praxis
• Postcolonial Politics and Climate Change
• Postcolonialism and Critiques of Disciplinary Domain Assumptions / Theoretical Legacies / Subject Areas

Please submit panel and paper proposals to the Conference Convenor:
Professor Priscelina Patajo

Deadline for submission of abstracts is on 30 March 2010
Final conference details will be posted on 15 April 2010
Conference website: www.updecl.org

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