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28 August 2010

Nominees for the next University of the Philippines President

The Board of Regents at its 1259th meeting held on August 27, 2010 at the Mintal campus of UP Mindanao accepted the nominations for the next UP president of the following:

Alaras, Consolacion R. (Folklore Studies)
Azanza, Patrick Alain T. (Education / Law)
Briones, Leonor M. (Public Administration / Governance)
Cabral, Esperanza I. (Medicine / Pharmacology)
Cao, Sergio S. (Business Administration)
Diokno, Benjamin E. (Economics)
Diokno Ma. Serena I. (History)
Pangalangan, Raul C. (Law)
Pascual, Alfredo E. (Chemistry / Business)
Teodosio, Virginia S. (Labor / Industrial Relations)
Velasco, Luis Rey I. (Entomology)

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University of the Philippines appoints new Professors Emeriti

At its 1259th meeting held in UP Mindanao on 27 August 2010, The Board of Regents approved the appointment of the following as Professor Emeritus effective upon their retirement:

1. Jasmin Acuna (Business Administration)
2. National Artist Virgilio S. Almario (Literature / Creative Writing)
3. Ramon Arcadio (Pediatrics)
4. National Scientist Lourdes Cruz (Marine Science)
5. Randolf David (Sociology)
6. Antonio Montalban (Orthopedic Surgery)
7. Cristina Pantoja Hidalgo (Literature / Creative Writing)
8. Concepcion Lizada (Food Science and Nutrition)
9. Felipe Miranda (Political Science)
10.Solita Monsod (Economics)
11.Evangel Quiwa (Computer Science)
12.Rafael Rodriguez (Business Administration)
13.Rosario del Rosario (Social Work & Community Development)
14.Ligaya Tiamson-Rubin (Literature / Creative Writing)
15.Lina Valcarcel (Business Administration)
16.Basilio Esteban Villaruz (Dance)

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17 August 2010

Lecture on Sustainable Principles of Landscape Architecture by UP Diliman Professor Mary Ann Arañas-Espina

Lecture on Sustainable Principles of Landscape Architecture

Conference Room, 4/F, Wilcon Builders Center E. Rodriguez Jr. Ave. (near cor. Ortigas Ave.), Libis, Quezon City

Date and Time
August 25, 2010 (Wednesday) / 5:00pm to 9:00 pm

Registration Fee:
Php200.00 for Green AP Member
Php500.00 for Non-Member
inclusive of meals and Certificate

Landscape Architecture, along with Architecture and Engineering, is a design service that shares in the responsibility to provide real estate development with the opportunity to help protect the earth. As a service which derives its ART and SCIENCE from nature and its resources, landscape architecture offers a wide range of Design Concepts and Design Principles to help lay a strong foundation for any SITE PLANNING activity, that are intended to result in good Landscape Development practices, and consequently in successful Real Estate Development projects.

While Design Concepts are pure products of a designer’s talent and creativity, Design Principles, on the other hand, are comprehensive and fundamental laws, doctrine, or assumptions, abstract rules that can be applied in many experiences. Design Principles govern the relationships of the elements used in a composition and organize them into a logical, acceptable, executable whole.

Sustainable Design or Green Architecture is one such set of design principles that arrange physical objects and the built environment to comply with principles of economic, social, and ecological sustainability.

The essential aim of sustainable design is to produce places, products and services in a way that reduces use of non-renewable resources, minimizes environmental impact, and relates people with the natural environment. This presentation examines LEED and SUSTAINABLE SITES INITIATIVES, two of the world’s ongoing movements on Green Architecture, and discusses the principles, problems, and strategies relevant to
landscape architecture design.

About the Speaker:

Professor Mary Ann Arañas-Espina, is a practicing Architect and Landscape Architect and a Principal Partner of the family firm ESPINA, PEREZ-ESPINA and ASSOCIATES. She obtained her degree of B.S. Architecture at the University of San Carlos in Cebu City in Architecture, placing 10th among the topnotchers.

She proceeded to study at the University of the Philippines and completed her second degree of Bachelor in Landscape Architecture in 1982. In 1985, after obtaining from the Specialty Board of Landscape Architecture Recognition and a License in Landscape Architecture, she proceeded to the USA and completed a Master’s Degree in Landscape Architecture at the University of Massachusetts in May of 1987 where she presented as her Master’s Thesis the Comprehensive Master Campus Landscape Development Plan of the University of the Philippines, Diliman, Campus. To date, she has had 34 years of Architecture and 32 years of Landscape Architecture experience.

In June 2003, she was awarded the prestigious MOST OUTSTANDING PROFESSIONAL OF THE YEAR for LANDSCAPE ARCHITECTURE by the Professional Regulations Commission.

She was the National President of the Philippine Association of Landscape Architects (PALA) from 2003 to 2005. She was National Treasurer of the United Architects of the Philippines (UAP) from 1994 to 1996.

At the College of Architecture in U.P Diliman, she is currently an Associate Professor teaching both undergraduate and graduate courses in Architecture and Landscape Architecture. She also served as Campus Architect of the UP Diliman Campus from 1995-1996.

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6:00 pm Registration and Fellowship

6:20 pm Introduction of Members and Guests
Product Presentation

7:20 pm Meals
Introduction of Speaker

8:20 pm Lecture on Landscape Architecture
8:50 pm Open Forum
Closing Remarks and Announcements

Professor Mary Ann Arañas-Espina

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